Yacon Syrup What to Look For

When buying the new Yacon Syrup here are a few thing you can look for to help you select the right brand.

When Shopping for Yacon Look For these main things,

  • What to Shop ForFirst of all you will want to make sure that the bottle says 100% pure and organic Yacon Syrup. This is the best type as it means it has not been enhanced or chemically treated. The fact that it’s organically derived means the quality will be that much higher.
  • GMP SealMake sure it’s made with GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice for standardized quality. You will usually see the GMP symbol right on the bottle. If It’s made in Canada your 100% covered because Health Canada approves and regulates all oral supplements.
  • Money Back SealAlso look for a money back guarantee. This will help you eliminate less than standard quality products. No retailer wants to deal with returns and they want you to come back for more. Repeat buyer are better than one time buyers, although some websites out there are happy to take you money and lose you as a customer so sear clear of those ones.

Also when you are ready to buy manufacturers will often offer expedited shipping and insurance. If this makes you feel better than you can go ahead a pay the extra for these.

What most people don’t know is that the USPS and Canada Post fully insure all parcels up to 100$ anyway for FREE so why pay extra for it. Most companies have business accounts with USPS and Canada Post that offer this service for FREE. If you want extra coverage it’s up to you but keep in mind if you order a product and it doesn’t arrive most respectable companies will reship your product for free anyway.

Order HEREAlso look for websites that offer you a means of contacting them either through a contact for, comment box or phone numbers. This is another sure way of weeding out less than desirable.


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