1 Teaspoon is The Proper Yacon Dosage

Did you know that there is only 7 Calories in proper dosage (1 Tsp) of Yacon Syrup making it an excellent sugar replacement. Also if you change nothing in your diet all and simply replace Yacon Syrup as you daily sweetener you will lose weight!

How to Take Yacon Syrup

Proper Yacon Dosage

Proper Yacon Dosage

You should take 3 – 4 teaspoons of Yacon molasses each day to see weight loss but keep in mind that real results can be seen sooner if you exercise, even a little bit.

We all want easier, Right? Sure we do this is human nature. There was a panel of 7 well know doctors across the USA that were asked if Yacon Syrup was worth taking and although 4 out of 7 said it was other recommended eating properly to lose weight. In reality some of us just do not have the time or the energy or we are just not disciplined enough to shop for Fruits and veggies so this type of weight management supplement can rally be quite beneficial.

How To Fit in 3 or 4 Tea Spoons a Day

As a sugar replace would be the first start point. Simply carry it around and every time you you make a coffee, tea or drink a bottle of water fit in your daily dose. Because Yacon Molasses tastes like raisins or prune juice some find it easier to take it straight out of the bottle.

It can be taken with meals or before meals but you should try to stretch it out by taking your first dose in the morning and your last one before supper or your last meal of the day.

It will boost metabolism so it may tend to keep you awake at night so don’t wait too long for you last dosage.

Get Your Dosage in Meals

Some people have said the taste of yacon syrup is sweet and others didn’t really like the taste at all. You can include the syrup in meals to ensure your getting it in your daily diet.

It can be mixed with many different liquids or you can include it recipes as a sugar replacement or just as an extra additive. If you add it into your next recipe you may be wondering how you know your getting the proper dosage. It’s simple, if Yacon syrup is an ingredient in the meal, use your meal as 1 serving and continue to take the other 2-3 tsp somewhere else in the day.

Dr. Oz (TV Host) talks about taking 1 tsp before meals but you can add it to just about anything if it makes it easier.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you DO NOT cook yacon at high temperatures as this will diminish the main benefits in the syrup thus doing nothing for you.

Ways to Remember to Take Yacon

It’s not always easy to remember to take your daily dosages of yacon after all in comes in a big bottle and you should be taking it all you meals. For some of us that don’t eat regularly this could be a challenge.

Here are some tips to help you remember,

Carry the bottle with you – the bottle is big and heavy so it’s a constant reminder you have it.

Remember Yacon

Remember to take Yacon

Place the bottle where you can see it at all times.

Set reminders on your phone or computer calendar.

Take yacon with a friend and you BOTH make it your responsibility to remind the other.

Add it as an ingredient to your meals if you eat more than three meals a day.

*If you have additional ideas add them as a “Comment” to this post to help others remember. We would like to hear how your remembering to take your daily dosage of yacon syrup everyday.


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