Where to Buy Yacon Syrup in Canada and USA

Before you buy Yacon Syrup online, it’s important that you know you’re buying the best yacon syrup brand and getting the best deals possible.

We sell only the best organic yacon syrup that we have tested ourselves!

Yacon Syrup Prices in Canada

Is the Product Organic Yacon?

Our product contains 100% pure and organic Yacon Syrup which is the highest quality out there and all our products are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) which means consistent quality.

What is the best price for yacon syrup?

Right now the best price for Yacon is around $47 a bottle but it’s cheaper to buy more than just one bottle.

If you choose to select the buy 3 Get 1 Free option you will receive 4 bottles at a much more discounted price.

If you select the Best option available which is buy 4 get 2 FREE bottles of yacon, then you’ll only be paying $31 a bottle. This is by far the best price for yacon syrup online.

When we talk about cheap yacon syrup this means inexpensive. Our Yacon the by far the best online and in stores and it’s made in FDA approved facilities to ensure a top quality product that will work as effective for you as it did for the participants in the clinical studies.

To lose weight you need a product that has many additional benefits.

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