Cara Molyneux Yacon Syrup Review

I have some tips for you!I don’t watch Dr Oz that much at all but my friends were talking about this product at a house party I was attending and it sounded very interesting.

I do watch the show but I’m not a regular. I know the show does address health topics and I like the fact that every topic has benefits and research or he doesn’t feature it.

They were saying that Dr Oz had a program specifically for the Yacon Syrup and how it had many more benefits than just weight loss which sound really good to me.

When we left the party that night I grabbed my laptop and looked up the Dr Oz videos on his website to learn more about it because everyone was saying a lot of great things about it, like high fiber easy weight loss, bla bla bla so I wanted to see for myself.

My List Of Tips When You Buy Yacon Syrup

I work as a personal support worker for an elderly home and I’m on my feet all the while I’m at work but I cannot seem to lose weight. I know I don’t eat right but I’m trying!!! I figured I could buy some Yacon and it’ll fix me right up. lol Well maybe not.

Why I chose this brand

I was shopping online for “yacon molasses syrup” because this is what Dr. Oz had called it, when I seen this deal where I could buy 2 get 1 free so I bought them.

*See below before you purchase.

While shopping I recognized what seemed to be the same picture over and over again, of the same product from the many sites I visited while shopping online. It’s organic yacon because that’s what all my friends were saying was the best, so I figured this brand must be a popular one.

When your ready to purchase!!

Follow the key step when your ready to buy. When I made my purchase there were a few thing I saved myself some money on and you can save the same.

Order form mistakes1. The Right Qty

I selected the 3 month supply because I felt this was the best deal considering 1 bottle is $44 alone and two bottles was only $88.

Also what if I didn’t like it? I wouldn’t have 6 bottles to get rid of with the 6 month supply.

And…what if I bought just one bottle and loved it then I’d have to re-order right away.

2. I selected the buy 2 get 1 FREE option because this suited me best considering this was the first time I was going to try it.

3. The Right Shipping

For USA Residence – Express shipping is great and fast but realize that standard shipping is only going to be around 1 -3 days later so it really worth all the extra money.

For Canadian Residence – Standard shipping is the best option for us in Canada because if you pay “Express shipping” at $24.35 the yacon still arrives in about 10 – 15 days regardless if it’s “Express” or not because Canada Customs hold all products coming into the country. Save your money!

4. Insure Ship is a Waste

I think this is one of the biggest scams going today, just in my opinion! Basically you have the option here to insure your already insured product.

Fact is your product is automatically insured up to $100 for FREE. This is normal for USPS and Canada Post. If you want to pay $3.99 if your total purchase price is over $100 then knock yourself out because this is all it covers, the purchase price of $88.87 and nothing else.

How to Take Yacon Syrup Properly

How to take yacon syrupHere is where things get confusing!

The instructions on the bottle say to take 1 table spoon a day BUT Doctor Oz says to take 3 -4 tea spoon a day, preferably just before or with meals.

I started out taking exactly what was directed on the bottle which is 1 table spoon. I didn’t feel at this dosage it was the great “Metabolism Game Changer!” like he said so I switched and started taking it exactly like Doctor Oz said.

This also makes more sense because it equals the dosage over the course of the day. This the same thing as you shouldn’t eat just one big meal everyday you should smaller portions throughout the day.

One thing I did notice was this yacon wasn’t as dark as some of the pictures showed it online during my search so this made me realize that the pictures must be from people whom have never used or seen the product before.

Pouring yacon onto spoonTake a look at what real organic yacon syrup looks like in the picture.

You’ll notice that it’s got some bubbles and this is because I shook the bottle up first before I poured it on the spoon. I don’t think your required to do this and it doesn’t say this on the bottle but I do it with just about anything before I drink it just to make sure it’s mixed properly.

Yacon syrup is actually light yellow and a bit more watery than I expected.

When I watched the Dr. Oz videos mine looks exactly the same.

So the point here is that you can’t always believe the picture you see on the internet.

Things I Have Noticed

I Feel Great! Yacon is working for me

I hope my review helps you.

One of the very first things I noticed is that the yacon really is sweet tasting. I was expecting some awful taste but this is not the case at all.

I have been taking it properly now and I find that I am more alert, not so much a burst of energy but more awake throughout the day. I’m usually sluggish first thing in the morning but not now. I seem to be able to put in a full day without feeling exhausted.

Here is some really good news…It’s been about 14 days now and I have lost 3.6Lbs so far. WOW! very impressed. I have changed absolutely nothing in my diet.

Another great thing to not, without going into detail is that the fiber is working GREAT for me, if you know what I mean. I have had issues in this area before and the yacon has straighten it out for me.

Finally I feel much better! I’m not sluggish or feel sick after meals. I just feel healthier! I guess it’s hard to explain but I feel much better health wise then I did before I started taking yacon.

How I got HERE on this website

After I bought my yacon through this website I signed up to their news letter. Then I contacted these guys using their email address, to check on the status of my order after about 8 days. They got right back to me which was nice for a change.

The owner of the site answered all my questions and he offered me FREE product if I could write a review on my experience with taking and using the product. They explained that I could use pictures and that I should point out good things and bad things in an honest review.

So I sent my review in. I hope you like and I hope it helps you. Hint…email them and they may do the same for you too.

Cara M

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  1. Devon Petterd says:

    You can drizzle it on oatmeal as a sugar replacement, use a spoonful in tea also, but it’s not best to add it to add it to baked goods and any other foods that require high amounts of heat. Yacon syrup need to be added after and only after the meal/coffee/tea etc has been heated already, think of Yacon as more of an additive after extreme heat has been applied.
    It can be used in opportunity where you need a touch of sweetness after baking or boiling.

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