All the Yacon Benefits Explained

If you are looking for an effective diet supplement, we recommend that you take a look at yacon. It is a relatively new dietary aid, but as you will see there are many yacon benefits.

Yacon is healthy syrup with benefits

Liquid diet supplement

Here is an overview of the product and its many benefits.

The product is completely natural and works for most people. Before we go any further let us first explain what yacon is and how it works for those who want to lose weight.

What is Yacon?

For centuries, yacon has been part of the diet of the people of the central Andes. It is tuberous root that has a pleasant sweet taste, and is a close relative of the Jerusalem artichoke.

In the area it is grown it has been used as an alternative treatment for diabetes, kidney problems and digestive disorders. However, in recent times it has attracted interest for its weight loss properties.

Yacon Syrup

When it is sold as a weight-loss supplement, it is made into syrup. To look at is very similar to the molasses syrup.

How Yacon Helps Weight Loss

There are two potential ways that Yacon can be used to help with weight loss. The first is a proven and obvious way.

Healthy syrup for Weight Loss

Yacon Benefits

Because it is so sweet Yacon syrup makes a great sugar substitute. There are only 133 cal in every 100 g or just 20 cal in a tablespoon. This is a lot less than you find in any other sugar product.

The calorie content is so low because of the structure of the sugar that is found in the Yacon root is called FOS. Your body does not digest and use this sugar for energy. Yacon is very low on the GI index, which is another plus for those who are on a diet. It is fantastic low glycemic sweetener.

Basically, you get all of the taste at a fraction of the calories. Given the fact that the fewer calories you eat the more weight you lose it is easy to see that Yacon can be a very effective weight loss aid.

Yacon a Fermentable Prebiotic Fiber

Yacon is good for your health in other ways. It boosts the good flora in your intestine. This means that your body is more efficient at drawing out the nutrients from your food. It is able to deal more efficiently with the food you eat. The net result is that your metabolism works faster and you burn fat.

Emerging research shows that there is a definite connection between good gut bacteria and the ability to lose weight. Therefore, it is reasonable to extrapolate that improved flora in the intestines is one of the reasons many study participants found that they lost weight while taking yacon syrup.

Yacon Helps you to Feel Fuller

As well as improving the way in which your digestive system works and providing a low-calorie alternative to sugar Yacon can also work as an appetite suppressant. Many users report that they feel fuller when they use the syrup as part of their weight-loss regime.

Yacon as a Fiber Source

If you were to eat the entire yacon root vegetable, you can get more than the daily recommended dosage of fiber. You do not have to eat the root, you can simply take yacon syrup 4 times a day to get the proper dosage.

Because it’s high in fiber this means it is good for the digestive system and helps your body to metabolize food more efficiently. Those who take pure natural organic yacon also report that they suffer less constipation and go more frequently.

Importantly, people who already have healthy digestive systems do not find that taking Yacon leads to gassiness or diarrhea. In fact, none of the subjects in the yacon studies that we have read report any side-effects from taking this natural substance.

Yacon Syrup for Candida Sufferers

There is growing evidence that the use of yacon syrup for candida sufferers is effective. The fact that the plant encourages the growth of healthy flora in the gut means that the body is better equipped to tackle the overgrowth of yeast.

It also works because candida yeast needs a food source to flourish. That food source is sugar. When sugar is cut from the diet candida yeast dies and the background levels in the body begin to fall. Because yacon syrup is so sweet it is a fantastic sugar substitute.

Yacon for Diabetes

During yacon studies, the level of insulin and how the body used glucose was investigated. The kind of natural sugar found in the Yacon root has a definite effect on how well the body tolerates insulin. As a result, the medical community is investigating the possibility of using the Yacon plant to help manage diabetes.

Yacon Syrup is not a Fad Diet Product

Taking Yacon syrup is not one of those extreme weight loss methods like the maple syrup diet. All you do is to take some of the syrup in addition to the food that you would normally eat on a calorie-controlled diet. You are not required to replace meals with the syrup.

Yacon healthy high fiber salad

Not a Fad Diet Product

Therefore, it is not a fad diet product rather it is a weight loss supplement.
Some people advocate using it in a similar way to the maple syrup diet, but you have to bear in mind that liquid diet weight loss is rarely permanent. In addition, not eating is not a healthy way to lose weight.

It is far better to cut your calories back a little and use yacon as a way to boost your body’s fat burning abilities and help you to control your appetite.

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