150 Free Yacon Recipes For Any Diet Plan

Some simple changes in your everyday diet can lead to weight loss and taking yacon syrup along with regular meals can really speed the process and not much has to change.

150 Yacon Recipes Book

Free Yacon Recipes

We are offering our 150 Yacon Syrup Recipe book with any purchase made to help you roll this healthy syrup into your every diet.

As a simple sugar substitution or simple adding it to a smoothy recipes, breakfast recipe, noon day snakes or supper recipes including salad dressings and deserts these 150 recipes will help lose weight and live healthier

All you have to do is click our link below to buy you yacon. After you have completed your checkout just email us at support@yaconmolassessyrup.com to let up know and we will email you our new ebook of 150 yacon recipes.

The additional Yacon benefits will not only help you lose weight but lower your cholesterol and increase you daily fiber intake.  Nothing major has to change in your diet and let’s face it’s hard to stick to any diet plan so these recipes can help you introduce yacon naturally without much change at all.

Click HERE then email us when your done!

Click HERE then email us when your done!

Most times just using it to replace sugar is enough to do the job so learn how it can be added to your meals easily.

Adding just 4 teaspoons of yacon has already worked for thousands of home dieters across the globe and it can work for you too.


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  1. lisa young says:

    I just love yocan molasses syrup i have loss so much weight. i feel so good ,Energized …

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